Beers around NC

150 Mile Challenge  Our wines and beers come from no further than 150 miles away…who else can say that?

We offer NC Beers, exclusively

Abbey Ale

Amber Ale

Amber Lager

American Black Ale

American Brown Ale

American Lager

American Strong Ale


Barrel Aged Abbey Ale

Bavarian Lager

Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian Strong Ale

Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Singel

Belgian Tripel

Belgian Wheat

Belgian Witbier


Black IPA

Black Mocha Stout

Black Saison

Blonde Ale


Bourbon Ale

Bourbon Barrel Aged

Brown Ale

Cascadian Dark Ale

Cherry Stout

Christmas Ale

Coconut Porter

Coffee Porter

Chocolate Breakfast Stout

Cream Ale


Double IPA


Dunkelweizen with Rye

English Ale

English Session Ale

Extra Special Bitter

Ginger Pale Ale

Golden Ale

Golden Lager



Honey Wheat

Imperial Pale Ale

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Imperial Saison

India Pale Ale

Irish Stout

Jalapeno Pale Ale


Milk Stout

Oatmeal Porter

Pale Ale

Peach American Pale Ale

Peach Wheat Ale



Pumpkin Ale

Red Ale

Rein Pale Ale

Ruby Lager





Scotch Ale

Scottish Ale

Southern Lager

Sweet Potato Abbey Ale

Sweet Potato Lager

Thyme Witbier

Vanilla Porter

White Ale

White IPA

Winter Ale

Wit Ale



Beer Varieties

Here are some of the countless types of beers you’ll find in rotation on our menu:

There are over 100 breweries and brewpubs across North Carolina.

Find reclaimed wood throughout the lounge, including this handcrafted American Chestnut mug stand.

Pair our seasonal beers with NC-made Prosciutto or an in-house made Salted Chocolate Caramel Truffle.

Unique gift idea:

Create your own 6-pack of hard-to-find NC beer

150 Mile Challenge

Our wines and beers come from no further than 150 miles away…who else can say that?

We're the perfect destination for hosting your homebrewer meetings.

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