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North Carolina

North Carolina's unique soil composition and temperate climate has provided a rich and fertal agricultural foundation for centuries.  It wasn't until the late 70's that wine production in our state began to truly take root.  It's been growing like a vine ever since!

North Carolina and CV&H...the perfect pairing


Carolina's Vineyards & Hops

CV&H's own winemaking was born from a vision.  Intended to complement the broad selection of North Carolina wines and vineyards we promote, by harvesting and bottling our own labels we broaden our  knowledge and appreciation of the industry, deepening our abililty to educate our customers and employees on the unique complexity of  the wine varietals and craft beers raised and bottled in North Carolina.


In the same way we hand-select each vineyard we represent and every wine we serve, our own winemaking is a labor of love. The images on this page are from the fields and processing that bring you CV&H's proud and expanding line of  Signature Wines.

Our Own Winemaking

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