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Our Community


Nestled on the door step of the busiest intersection in Downtown Winston-Salem, Carolina’s Vineyards & Hops has become a true Destination and represents the rich history and diversity of the community that surrounds it. Our location in the city is a stone’s throw away from Old Salem, founded in 1766, which happens to be one of the original Moravian colonies in the state. The area itself was suitable for settlers because of its abundance of below and above ground springs as a local water source.


The surrounding neighborhoods of Washington Park and West Salem also have a history rich in community partnership where residents of different ethnicities and social classes have lived side by side for almost a century. CV&H itself mirrors the values of the community by participating in countless local partnerships and extending our identity of being strictly local, far beyond the food, beers, and wines served that are exclusive to North Carolina.


Our commitment to numerous arts, cultural, and non-profit organizations in the community signifies CV&H’s loyalty to local sustainability as we continue to impact not just the beverage and agricultural industries in North Carolina.


Carolina’s Vineyard & Hops is proud to be a part of this thriving area’s rich history and to be an anchor and supporter of our surrounding community.


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